Artemis-UK surveillance systems provide wired & wireless video and audio transmission via cellular, W-Fi, IP mesh & Point-to-Point, LAN & WAN Connection.  Features include; AES Encryption, HD Video, on-board recording, & GPS and all systems are supported by a range of specialist cameras and accessories with every product being configured & operated using a single, license free software application.  Each system can be customised, including a choice of antennae, connections and enclosure material.

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ETAP Systems

A range of ready-to-go systems, designed to work out of the box for ease of deployment and operation.  Each system can be configured and operated using the Artemis-UK, all in one license free software application.


The ARGUS Recon is a specialist video & audio transmission and recording system.  2 x HD video channels & 1 x audio channel provide remote, encrypted transmission,

on-board recording, FTP & NAS and live time GPS.


The most flexible of the ARGUS systems, The Recon-4 is a multi-channel video & audio interface including IP, HD, PTZ & wireless and supported by live time GPS,

on-board recording. encrypted transmission 

TR-IP System

TR-IP provides digital wireless transmission configurable as an IP transmitter, receiver, repeater or

Ad-Hoc self-healing IP mesh system with optional power management.


The GPS-2B is a plug and play tracking device featuring; live time tracking, historical route data, cell site information gathering and vehicle motion detection.

Motorcycle box

A GIVI motorcycle box customised with three camera positions and tamper alarm switch.  Fitted with a customised ARGUS recon and two HD pin-hole cameras.

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